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    Bird and stand of exotic wood
    Are your stands bird-safe?
    Our portable floor gyms, hanging gyms, perches, swings and toys are handcrafted with your bird's safety and pleasure in mind. All wood items of ExoticWoodDreams.com are pet-safe wood products.
    Are the stands and gyms portable?
    We created the portable gym after finding out how difficult it was to move and clean the large playpens. We were determined to come up with a gym that even the Large Parrot could enjoy, that could easily be moved around the house, cleaned properly and still not take up a lot of room. Floor Models are free standing, portable, light weight and easy to move from room to room.
    Tell me about your pictured birds.
    Cookie, our Umbrella Cockatoo, Sweet Pea, our baby Yellow Nape Amazon and some of their friends are modeling products available for your feathered kid or pet.
    Why can't I have one exactly like the picture?
    Keep in mind we are working with Mother Nature's materials, all pieces are unique! We will duplicate size and style of the gym you find best for your bird, but every gym, playpen, stand, toy, perch, swing will have it's own character, making it your bird's, 'ONE OF A KIND' piece.
    What is unique about the construction?
    Floor Model playpens, play stands and gyms are mounted on a 16 1/2" white, T-Mold, washable, Easy to clean finished base. They are precision cut and balanced for safety against tipping. Perches are securely bolted to add durability and strength, we countersink the added perch bolts to help prevent chewing and create a finished cleaner look. All perch edges, burls and sharp points are sanded down to a smooth surface for safety and also creates a clean finished look.
    About our Feeder Cups
    We use Marbella Colorful Feeder cups and stainless steel cups in 8 oz. and 12 oz. sizes. The cups screw off for easy cleaning. The feeders sit level to prevent spilling and discourage food tossing. One to 2 eye hooks or more are provided to attach favorite toys and make it easy to replace toys. Some models have 1, 2 or more, Pet-Safe, Colorful bird toys.
    Are any low cost options available?
    Carpet and floor protector mess catchers
    What about shipping?
    We can ship our quality portable gyms within the continental U.S. and Canada up to 4' for a reasonable ground shipping fee. No gym over 24" can be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska. Additional shipping charges are added according to zone rates for UPS Ground or Fed Ex Ground Shipping Rates.
    NOTE for Southern California Residents or for pick-up: We make larger customized size gyms for Southern California Residents only. Keep in mind: from experience, portable is the way to go! We also do custom orders on portable gyms for exotic animals such as Monkeys, Ferrets, Reptiles or any exotic pet that needs a little more action in or out of the cage.
    Do you sell wholesale?
    Currently We are currently working with a distributor who will be handling sales for: harvested trees, forks, poles, branches, roots, natural and sandblasted manzanita and ribbonwood, sandblasted heat processed grapevine, dragonwood, yucca, sandblasted finger cholla and palm.
    Are your stands bird-safe?
    Our floor gyms, hanging gyms and rotating flyers, perches, swings and toys are handcrafted with your parrot, bird, reptile or exotic pet's safety 1st in mind. Our Ribbonwood, Manzanita, Cholla, Yucca are harvested by special permit through our State and Federal Environmental Protection Agencies. Our grapevine is my personal favorite wood for parrots, birds, reptiles and other exotic pets. Many pieces are beautiful works of art and make wonderful home decorative pieces and display pieces. Grapevine is also a favorite of wood eating pests, the last thing we want in our homes. Fumigation by Gas and Chemical Poisons dissipate and can't be seen by the human eye, but poison residues remain and are extremely harmful to our parrots, birds and small animals. All of our grape is heat treated without using harmful gas or dangerous chemicals. Our grape is cut, harvested, scrapped of outer bark, pressure basted, scrubbed, cleaned with AV Formula Pet Focus, sandblasted and cooked before we start cutting and molding into natural habitats for our parrots and reptiles. Heat Processing is expensive and difficult, but it's the only way to assure our grape is PET-SAFE Wood for your parrot and your home.
    Tell me about your pictured birds.
    Cookie, our Umbrella Cockatoo, Sweet Pea, our baby Yellow Nape Amazon are two of our three feathered children. Two years ago we took part in a rescue and paid the ransom for our third child, Snowflake, tiny Umbrella approx. 5 yrs old we were just supposed to keep through quarantine time and vet clearance to fly to a new home in San Francisco. My husband and Snowflake bonded and fell in love at first site and she's been with us ever since, she's our little princess and runs the show around here, smart as a whip, protector of the Master Builder. We love pictures, all the parrots on our site with the exception of our feathered kids, Cookie and Sweet Pea are pictures we've received from our customer/parrot friends of their fid's enjoying their EWD new homes. Our little star's, guest models are put into the catalog whenever possible for all to enjoy. I sure love them, I think most people love pictures of happy parrots. We have so many pictures, all of them mean a lot to us they're heart warming, they are the essence of why we love what we do. I'd love to put them all up, we just don't have enough room.
    Why can't I have one exactly like the picture?
    Keep in mind we are working with Mother Nature's materials, all pieces are unique! We will duplicate size and style, but all pieces are custom built by order to meet the size and needs of your parrot, flock of parrots or exotic pets. Every gym, stand, habitat will have it's own character, making it a 'ONE OF A KIND' piece.
    What about shipping?
    We ship our products world wide, including custom pieces any where delivery is possible through your Broker, Fed Ex, UPS, Freight Line and US Mail.
    Do you wholesale your custom built products, such as parrot gyms, perches and toys?
    Our custom built parrot furnishings, exceptional exotic pieces, and a series of our manufactured special parrot toys can be purchased at discount pricing and displayed as special pieces and custom built items that can be ordered by the customer through the store. Email for information and details.
    How long will it take to get my order?
    If you are in a hurry, email and we can give you an approx. time for order completion and shipping. We 'NEVER' sacrifice the safety and quality by trying to rush out orders. There is no mass producing or hired laborer building your gym. No corners cut, or short cuts taken to speed things up. Our gyms are built to last by one man, a master craftsman and artist who takes each order seriously, always keeping in mind the safety and comfort for the size of parrots or birds, species general personality traits and special information about your parrot you've given us on your order form. Our master builder is also a loving father and care giver to 3 feathered children of his own which helps a great deal when designing and building furnishings that are entertaining and comfortable.

    Orders can take any where from a few days to 5 weeks depending on schedule, model type, shop set up and orders in front of you. Gyms are built in date order, by model type and shop set up which is different for most models. Quality custom gyms, habitat's, aviary pieces, all our products are built to last and designed to provide a fun, entertaining and a safe home base area for your parrot for years to come.

    Pricing & Return Policy
    All Orders Are NON-Refundable unless damaged in shipment. Cancellation of order after 48 hours are subject to a 10% restocking, handling fee of listed price. Custom orders: we reserve the right to charge 50% of price listed or agreed upon if cancelled during building or after order has been filled.

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice. For current prices please phone or email us. Thank you!

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