Parrot Hanging Gyms and Flyers

We now ship all parrot gyms and bird play gyms Internationally, using Fed Ex and UPS. Quality Hand Crafted Hanging Parrot Gyms and Flyers, custom built for the size, age and personality of your parrots or birds. We have several unique designs to help you pick the gym that is best for your parrots. We use grapevine, ribbonwood, manzanita or a mixture of grape and ribbonwood with giant sisal or cotton rope perches. Most of the gyms in this section are full exercise and entertainment play grounds designed to give your feathered child a safe comfortable place where he can inter act with the family and enjoy being a parrot. To help us build the best possible gym for your parrot or bird, fill out our online order form so we have all the information we need. Avian Network 6% discount accepted unless otherwise stated.


Part No. Name/Image(s)/Description Price Qty
Mess Catcher - EX LARGE68.00 
 LARGER SIZE, 54" x 60" This item works great! It's easy to use and catches everything! Protects floors and carpets from all the mess and stays in place. This extra large size works wonderful under our larger hanging parrot gyms and cages. Shake out, pressure hose rinse, use our One-Step Pet Focus Disinfectant (see cage supplies or cages for Pet-Focus)and hang out to dry. They are also machine washable on gentle cycle and hang dry. Dries in minutes! Can be shipped by US Mail for a few dollars! LARGER CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. FOR CUSTOM SIZE PRICING, EMAIL THE SIZE YOU NEED.  
Mess Catcher - Standard30.00 
 54" x 34" This item works great! It's easy to use and catches everything! Protects floors and carpets from all the mess and stays in place. Item A size is our standard size, excellent for under floor gyms and table tops. This large size works wonderful under our larger hanging parrot gyms and cages. Shake out, pressure hose rinse, use our One-Step Pet Focus Disinfectant (see cage supplies or cages for Pet-Focus)and hang out to dry. They are also machine washable on gentle cycle and hang dry. Dries in minutes! Can be shipped by US Mail for a few dollars! LARGER CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE. FOR CUSTOM SIZE PRICING, EMAIL THE SIZE YOU NEED.  
Anya's Three Story Tree House465.00each
Price includes Shipping and Handling in lower 48 US States. Anya's Three Story Tree House is a new model, part of our original Mark Harley Rotating Hanging Gym, an original design of EWD, LLC. The added grape to the design of the Harley was a request from a lovely customer who was preparing for the home coming of her new baby Eclectus. We have also reconstructed the Harleys and Anya's Tree House with a new improved way of attaching the rope without going through the perches. We are offering these gyms with cotton or sisal knotted rope that can easily be replaced over time without replacing your parrots favorite home. This is an exciting new model offering the best of a variety of textures with both ribbonwood and grapevine mixed perches. It provides a large area with comfortable room for your parrots, yet it doesn't take up a lot of space in the living room and its lightweight and can be easily moved and hung in any room. It has the swivel at the top of the pole for 360 degree gentle turning; attached ceiling pole is customized to the length needed for your home. It comes with mounds of climbing and resting level cross perches on 3 levels. It also comes with 2-8 oz. feeders, 5 SS toy hooks and a toy sized for your parrot. Recommend for a flock of small birds or 2 to 4 medium size parrots up to Umbrella size. Custom built, very attractive, portable and it will provide a comfortable safe place for your little buddies to enjoy life out side of the cage. Size of the House: Custom from 35 to 36" SQ. top, tapering to 24" to 26" middle SQ. tapering down the cone shape to 12" x 12" SQ. bottom level perches. Length from top to bottom of tree house without ceiling pole 36 to 38" long, depending on parrot species & sizes. Add our LARGER Easy Clean Mess Catcher Drop Cloth, Heavy Vinyl, Cotton Non-skid or Slide Backing, 34" x 54" catches all the mess and droppings, hose off or machine wash, sun dry in minutes $24.00. No Discounts Available. For approx. additional shipping charges out side lower 48 states please email. Available additional items to compliment Anya's Three Story Tree House will be emailed with pricing and pictures while your order is being built. Shipped around the world by Fed Ex, UPS or Broker.  
The Grape Adventure Flyer 450.00each
The Grape Adventure Flyer is recommended for small, medium and large parrots up to M2 and B&G size Macaws. This large flyer like our ribbonwood flyers is an excellent size for flight cages and aviaries as well as the main safe area furniture for your parrot outside of the cage. Fits nicely in the corner area of the living room and may be the first of a few pieces to make up a parrot island,which we will be presenting in 2004. The Adventure Flyer is 40 to 42" long and 19 to 22" wide with the gym branchy body being anywhere from 12" to 20" high. The attached ceiling pole is customized length to fit your home or aviary. Perfectly balanced, it also comes with 2-12 oz. feeders, 4 SS eye hooks, sisal knotted adjustable perch for hanging around and upside down displaying those wonderful wingspreads. We've added a parrot toy made from some or all of your parrot's favorite parts and the toy is also included in the price of the flyer. Easy Clean Mess Catcher Drop Cloth can be added for $24.00 and it catches all the mess. Excellent model for handicapped parrots missing toes or a foot and parrots with balance difficulties. Excellent for young parrots, the perches are easy to grasp so they have less fear of falling helping them to develop coordination and gain confidence. This gym will make for happier parrots all around and they'll be the ones who rave about their Grape Adventure Flyer. Can be shipped worldwide. Our beautiful guest model is Chica, DYNA, modeling on his own gym. Chica loves her new flyer, she plays more and gets a little exercise, but we won't tell her it's exercise, she's having too much fun. Enjoy Chica, you're still a young beauty. Our Special Thanks to Neda, Chica's Mom for sharing precious captured moments in pictures. I think Chica is smiling, I know Cookie is smiling and saying, 'Mom, who who is that pretty green gal? She can come over and share my gym any time' OH, by the way, if you can't see Cookie or Chica smiling, go try to find a smile in your parrot's expressions. If you can't see their smile, than get them out of that cage and spend some time with them. We're not crazy, it's easy to see it when you get to know them. Give him your time and love and a reason to smile for you, you'll be amazed how good it feels when you see it, you'll start smiling too!  
Heavenly Haven Rotating Flyer350.00EACH
New! Our Heavenly Haven Rotating Flyers are a mixture of branchy sandblasted grapevine and ribbonwood, our two favorite types of parrot safe wood. Parrots enjoy a variety of textures and diameters of perches and its nice to have a good blended variety when you have two or three parrot buddies of different sizes. The Heavenly Haven Rotating Flyer is approx. 30" to 32" long in body and 18 to 20" wide, it can be fairly flat or have a variety of levels of perches, as seen in our pictures, keep in mind each piece is a one of a kind, especially built by the information you give us about your parrots on our order form. Included are 2-8 oz. feeder cups, attached ceiling pole with rotating swivel at the top for minimal swaying, knotted sisal rope adjustable perch, 3 SS toy hooks and a toy sized for your feathered child. Recommended for small & medium size parrots up to U2 size as Cookie our Umbrella demonstrates. Click on thumbnail to see larger pictures. The pictures lower right, the gym next to it, the larger picture above it and again the picture to the right of it, are all the same flyer, giving you an idea of how large they are and how deceiving the pictures can be when it comes to size. Nice flyer for 1 to 3 small parrots and birds, 1 or 2 medium size parrots. Shipping available worldwide. AV. Net 3%  
Large Harley Rotating Exercise Gym400.00each
New design, ropes attach to connectors, not through the perch as seen in the pictures. Cotton or Sisal rope used, your choice and all replaceable, wired rope available too. Mark Harley Rotating Exercise Gym, Large: designed and recommended for M2's, lg. Macaws, ex lg. including GW's and Hyacinths. Sides can be made in knotted Cotton or Sisal replaceable 1-1 1/2" rope or now we can offer wired cotton rope as well between the 3 layers, like four spirals holding together 3 layers of gentle branch like movement with attached 2" heavy ceiling pole, custom length for your home. (Cotton wired rope add $30.00 more) The top perch is 30" x 30" SQ. middle perch 26" SQ. lowest perches are 18"sq. (modifications on lengths of perches can be made) the gym can be 38"-42" long depending on species. A fantastic exercise gym that still takes up little room compared to most floor gyms and gives him plenty of room to play and move around. It has large SS eyehooks on all 3 levels for toys. Perch diameters are from 1 1/2" on up. Feeders are 12 oz. marbella, or you can get our 28 oz. zoo aluminum feeders for heavy chewers, discounted price and guaranteed chew proof or money back on zoo feeders. It also comes with a parrot toy. Mess Catcher Drop Cloth add: $24.00. We want to Thank Joanne for sharing pictures of her flock on the Mark Harley Gyms. This large gym in the pictures made for Porthos and Baxter our guest model GW and B&G beauties, is the largest gym we've made to date, but we've got the material to make more! This is sure to get your babies revved up! No discounts can be shipped worldwide.  
Mark Harley Rotating Hanging Gym350.00EACH
Mark Harley Rotating Exercise Gym International, Medium: This size is for all medium size parrots such as; Amazons, Cockatoo's up to Umbrella size, Congo Greys, Eclectus etc. Gym is 34" to 36" long, hard Ribbonwood perches connected by heavy knotted sisal or cotton rope, attached & balanced to a custom ceiling pole, creating a 3 story, roomy exercise play gym that fits in small spaces. Gym top level: 23" sq., middle: 17" sq., bottom: 10" squared. The Harley comes with 2 toys, 2-8 oz. feeder cups; customized length ceiling pole, swivel and 2 to 3 eyehooks. Easy Clean, Mess Catcher Drop Cloth, 54" x 34" add: $24.00. Our gyms are custom built; please specify extras or special needs on order form. Our models: Cookie, U2, & Sweet Pea, YNA and guest model beauties on their own gyms are: Chloe & Durwood, Congo Greys & 'Harley,' GSC Cockatoo, the Australia beauty and the inspiration for the first,’ Mark Harley'. Our newest guest model is the beaufitul Angel. Angel modeling on her own Harley is doing her famous Walk The Rope Trick. Way to go Angel! How does she do it? Angel can be seen playing with her primo SS bolt puzzle toy in the durable toy section.  
H-4025 Deluxe
Ribbonwood Deluxe Rotating Flyer450.00each
The Deluxe Rotating Ribbonwood Flyer, as large as 38" to 42" long x 20" to 23"wide. Excellent gym for 1 to 2 extra large Macaws, medium Cockatoo's and Tucans. We do customize perch diameters & create a wonderful full exercise playgrounds for medium to small parrots & small birds. Customized ceiling pole is measured in length & diameter to prevent your parrot/s from climbing to the ceiling. The ceiling pole is attached & balanced securely to the gym, creating a natural & stable environment. This large hanging play ground comes with custom ceiling pole, 2-8 or 12 oz. SS cups, 2 to 3 toy hooks & appropriate size parrot toy.  
Ribbonwood Medium Rotating Flyer325.00each
Rotating soft sanded ribbonwood flyer for small and medium size parrots. The gym is approx. 30" long x 18" wide. This flyer also comes with 2-8 oz. marbella feeders, for smaller parrots we have SS feeders, 7 oz. with wire rack, no extra charge, 3 SS toy hooks and a special toy sized for your parrot.  
Sweet Pea's Favorite Place, 'The Loft'200.00each
The Loft is an Sandblasted Branchy Grapevine Flyer with varying sizes from 15" to 24" long in body to 14"-18" wide. Gym extendes from attached precision balanced ceiling pole. Excellent for over the cage or near the cage as a hop about play time gym in the family room, or even after a drenching shower gym. The Loft is for small to small/medium size parrots TAG's, BF Amazons, Caique's, Conures, Tiels, Keets, Senegals and Hahn's. All would all be happy little parrots on this gym. Comes with 2 SS toy hooks, 2 1/2'length ceiling pole, knotted sisal hanging adjustable perch and a special parrot toy. Can be shipped worldwide.  
Top of the World Parrot Flyer425.00each
The Top of the World Grapevine and Ribbonwood Flyer offers the best of wood perches for small, medium and large parrots. The flyer is 38" to 40" long, 20" -22" wide and 12 to 15" deep, each flyer is unique, but all will have an assortment of intertwining varied textures and diameter perches sized for comfort for your feathered kid/s to make one enjoyable flyer. The mixed perch flyer comes with the custom length ceiling pole to fit your home, 2, 12 oz. marbella feeders, knotted sisal rope adjustable perch, 3 SS toy hooks and 1 sized toy for your little buddy. Can be shipped worldwide.  

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