Play Swings and Accessories

Bird Swings, Parrot Swings, Parrot Gym & Cage Accessories are all custom built and carefully hand crafted to fit the size, age & personality of your pet parrot. Our full parrot swing gyms encourage exercise, develop coordination and in still confidence which is so important to the physical and mental well being of our feathered children.


Part No. Name/Image(s)/Description Price Qty
Mess Catcher - Large48.00each
 LARGER SIZE, 55" x 48" This item works great! It’s easy to use and catches everything! Protects floors and carpets from all the mess and stays in place. This large size works wonderful under our larger hanging parrot gyms and cages. Shake out, pressure hose rinse, use our One-Step Pet Focus Disinfectant (see cage supplies or cages for Pet-Focus)and hang out to dry. They are also machine washable on gentle cycle and hang out to dry. Dries in minutes!  
Mess Catcher - Standard30.00each
 IMPROVED LARGER SIZE, now 54" x 32" for our standard under the gym size.  
Mess Catcher - EX LARGE68.00each
 EX-LARGE SIZE, 53" x 58"  
Cotton Rope Spiral - Small 0.05 Dia. x 56" L30.00each
Cotton Rope Spiral Swing, Jumbo60.00 
Cotton Rope Spiral, Large50.00 
Cotton Rope Spiral, Medium40.00 
Grape Branch Vine Swing - Medium75.00each
Recommended for Small to Medium Size Parrots, U2 size OK! Sandblasted Branchy Grapevine Swing for inside the cage on a High wire Hanger, or even Floor Hanger, talk about versatile!  
Grapevine Lullaby Swing, Sm.-Med.Parrot85.00each
ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN, our beautiful guest model on her own Lullaby Swing, MOMO, enjoy her new swing from the USA. Our Special Thanks to MOMO'S Mom for allowing us to share precious moments through pictures. Grapevine Lullaby Swing for small to medium size parrots, gently rocks with little motion, giving a safe calming effect similar to a lullaby calming a baby to sleep. It can also be an exercise and play swing after nap time.  
'Our Swing N Hang Out' Sm.-Medium110.00each
'Our Swing N Hang Out' exercise and play swings are made of sand blasted branchy solid grapevine. Approx. 27 to 30" tall, 20" to 22" wide and 20" to 22" deep.  
'Our Swing N Hang Out' Large150.00each
Peek-A-Boo SS Cuddle Swing110.00each
Peek-A-Boo SS Cuddle Swing by special order for small to medium size parrot. Large 10" Marbella ring covered in tightly woven cotton rope for comfort standing.  
The Grape Aviary Habitat Swing, Small500.00each
For small parrots/birds, sky furniture designs for aviaries, flight cages and indoor/outdoor habitats for birds & or reptiles and small exotic pets, also small primates. SB Grape whole vines x 2 plus 3 to 4 built in hollow wide opening logs for play and nesting. Size approx. 42 to 48" tall x 35 to 40" wide x 20 to 24" deep. Feeder cups can be added and sisal or cotton rope hanging perches. Each is unique, livable spacious area for several small birds, primates, small reptiles, small to large reptiles. SS Large closed eye screw included and swival, SS added upon request.  
The Grape Aviary Habitat Swing, Medium650.00each
For medium size parrots, medium to large reptiles, small to medium size primates, small to medium size exotic pets. SB Grape whole vines x 2 plus branches as needed, 2-3 hollow logs with wide openings to climb on, play & hide treats and toys. Excellent main piece for zoo habitates, aviaries, flight cages, reptile enclosures. Large knotted sisal rope perches or cotton rope formed perches and feeders can be added to create a full living area. SS eye bolt included, swivel added upon request.  
Sky High Play Ground- Small Birds450.00each
A swing-n-hollow log habitat, SB Grape House with SB Grape Perch Branches, peek-a-boo leather roof, carved out decorated door way and window, 5 SS toy hooks, 66" long 1/2" cotton formed rope perches. Size approx. 18 to 22" tall with enough inside space to easily and safely get around. Floor, plywood. Includes 1 toy, branches, 5 SS hooks, cotton spiral formed perch, strong SS hook. added upon request.  

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