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Please fill out the above form. We will build your playpen or gym to fit your parrot's needs. When the playpen is finished we will e-mail a picture for your approval with all information on sizes and added features.

We ship by way of FedEX Ground, RPS. RPS states you will receive your gym within 5 working days from shipping date. For Shipping rates for your area, e-mail your zip code. Floor gyms require no assembly, they are packed securely and ready to use. We charge an $12.00 packing material fee on all large gyms and a $6.00 packing fee on small gyms.

When you place your order we will e-mail or call you back with the date your gym will be completed and the shipping date.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks and Personal Checks (on Reorders Only with Approval).

Please fill out the above form with as much information as possible. When we receive your order you will get a confirmation email to let you know we received it. Please be patient, we are careful and conscientious with each custom order and we'll email or call you within 3 to 5 working days for any additional information we may need about your order. We'll be able to give you approximate completion date as well. When your order is completed we will e-mail preview pictures and go over your order to make sure everything is there and give you the opportunity to add on items before we begin packing. Billing and shipping info will be given as soon as we pack up your order. All custom orders require credit card billing information or 50% down payment before we begin the order. Credit cards are not billed until the order is completed and ready to ship.

Save a phone call on Internet orders. Complete the order form above... we will call you back to confirm your order and get your credit card information. Please note best time to call.

Items requiring assembly come with easy to follow instructions. Each gym requires a personal set of instructions since we are working with custom built, one of a kind usually branchy items. Some items take an hour to disassemble, tape off and write the instructions to make sure our customer can easily put the gym together.

EWD Custom Built Products:
Our avian and exotic pet products are custom built and designed to give your feathered family or furry friends a happier healthier more natural environment setting, that will fit in a small area space of your apartment to a corner of the family room to completely designing and furnishing your new or refurbished aviary habitat inclosure. Our custom design pieces will enhance the beauty of your home, garden or patio area. All our custom built products are made from safe, clean natural wood products, custom built to the size, species, personality traits and special needs of your parrot, bird or exotic pet.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Money Orders, Cashier's Checks and personal checks only with approval and down payment of 25%, (non refundable) of the total of items ordered. 4% processing fee for Visa and MasterCard transactions, only partial recovery of banking charges imposed on small business by our Banking Institutions.

Shipping and handling limitations and credit card processing fees require a minimum order of $25.00.

NO Returns, other than items damaged in shipping: Most items are custom built, we do not accept returns, except items damaged in shipping. Damaged items must be reported within 48 hours. All returns must be approved by EWD. Damaged items will be inspected and picked up by the carrier and we will replace the item or refund your credit card for the full ticket value of the item. Unfortunately, shipping and handling charges are not refundable, this means shipping to and return shipping charges are not refundable.

Shipping Carriers:
We ship by way of FedEX Ground, RPS and Fed Ex Express, Freight Truck, Customs Broker, and Railway on large orders and extra large items. Most shipments received in 5 working days from ship date to the East Coast. RPS states you will receive your gym within 5 working days from shipping date for ground to the East Coast and 3 working days for Express.

Handling Fee:
EWD custom built items are packed carefully and securely in double walled, custom sized boxes made for EWD products. Each item is a one of a kind and requires thought and configuration in packing so it arrives safely to our customers. We're proud to mention our expert packers had no damage claims in 2002 on items packaged by EWD. We charge a $75.00 fee to crate multiple very large trees and items that have to be shipped via freight truck or railway. Fed Ex Express items too large to go Fed Ex Ground and require specialized packing and double box packing: $20.00. Fed Ex Ground large parrot gyms, oversized maximum sized box over 50 pounds: box and packing fee: $14.00 on all large floor or hanging gyms, oversized box weighing less than 50 pounds: $12.00 on average size medium hanging and floor gyms. Table Top gyms requiring oversized 1st level $7.00

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
For current prices please phone or email us.

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